Kirby, Great Broughton and Ingleby Greenhow Local History Group

The Pannierman Way as a National Monument

In 2010 the History Group contributed to the Festival of British Archaeology with an event based on the Trod. More recently, together with the York Archaeology Trust, geophysical survey work was undertaken on the site of the alum houses, alongside the Trod. This coming  Autumn we will establish a planting programme to replace dead hawthorn trees along the side of the path.

The scheduling was supported by the landowner, Kirkby Parish Council, the North York Moors Archaeology Service, Park rangers and History Group members. Scheduling does offer legal protection but it also acknowledges the significance of the monument as a fine, surviving example of the medieval transport network across the Moors.

We hold regular Trod Maintenance Days  when we invite you to bring a spade or broom and help keep this historic monument clear of vegetation. It’s just two hours of light work and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to preserve the trod to be enjoyed by future generations.  Everyone is welcome and dates of future events can be found on our programme or newsletter.

To read the Schedule Advice Report, with details of the actual scheduled area and a good account of the history and importance of “our” Trod, click here.

On April 24th 2012, following an application by History Group committee members, the Minister for Heritage and Tourism added Kirby Bank Trod (the “Pannierman Way”) to the List of Scheduled Monuments in England. That gives it national importance!

Its 12th or 13th  Century monastic origins are now confirmed, as is the man-made construction of its embankment with its distinctive stone waymarkers.

 The History Group has, for some while now, “adopted” the Trod. In 2008 a working group of members, together with a squad of Royal Dragoons, did a major restoration job, digging drains and uncovering a “new” section at the northern end. Each year since then the Group has held a Trod Maintenance Day (see below).